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I'm just a wild and crazy old renegade wizard-man who thinks the whole world's interesting!! Welcome to the crazy old wizard's domain!! Ever since I realized I'm interested in everything under the sun, and outside the solar system too, I started my Everything Interesting place where you can yakk all day and night about everything interesting!! *cackling eerie laugh of the crazy old wizard chills yer bones!!*

Where I'm taking ya, we talk about everything from science to politics to weather to current events to literature and everything in-between!! We are looking for ppl with differing points of view to discuss all subjects with!!! If you find politics, weather, world events, celebrities, every sport imaginable, extreme sports, money, society, the paranormal, UFOs, Crop circles, the Bermuda Triangle, reality shows, and every other topic interesting, then you need to check us out!! If you want a new forum opened to suit your needs, ask and I GUARANTEE, within hours, that I'll accommodate you!!!! We are not only avid web addicts, we are web-obsessed fanatics!!!

Foller that there twisting path through those woods, to a dark hole in the ground. It's down THERE!!

im a web addict

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im a web addict

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