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Welcome to Paranormal Phenomena!!!

*Sounds of doors slamming shut by themselves could be heard! Bloodcurdling screams from anguished spirits long disembodied from their mangled bodies cause the hairs on the back of your neck to stand straight up!!! You get the hell outa this website!! Loud, cackling demonically diabolical maniacal laughter of the undead follows you!!! Mwahahahaha!!*

You're NOT welcome to our dark corner of the world where the heart of the paranormal lives forever!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Be VERY SCARED!!! You'll have nightmares for millennia!!!! If we let you live, you'll find the paranormal, the occult, Mysticism, remote viewing, spiritism, far-out hostile UFO's, crop circles, cryphazoology, extraterrestrial life, the Philadelphia Experiment, spontaneous human combustion (we've had thirteen documented cases of ppl viewing this site who spontaneously burst into flames that NOTHING could extinguish!! MWAHAHAHA!!!), Alchemy, Voodoo (YOU'RE NEXT!!), Wicca and Witchcraft, Kirlian Photography, Ghostly Lights, Ghosts, the Montauk Project, astral projection, out of your body experiences (and HOW to do it yourself!! That's right, this is one f@cking crazy place!!), and other ghoulley subjects!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!